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These Blueberry Breakfast Cookies are healthy, yummy and perfect for busy mornings! With no added sugars and naturally gluten-free, this breakfast cookie is a one-bowl wonder.

Blueberry Breakfast Cookie Recipe

Cookies for breakfast. It’s a thing. Blueberry Breakfast Cookies? Even better. The thing is, that with hectic mornings come quick and convenient decisions for breakfast -like grabbing a pre-packaged sugary bar and calling it a meal. But these blueberry breakfast cookies are super easy to make and can be made ahead of time, which now

Breakfast Quesadillas

Are you in a breakfast rut? Tired of making the same thing over and over? Try these Breakfast Quesadillas for a change! Even picky eaters may give them a try! Simply make your scrambled eggs and sausage as usual, but present them in a creative way—as a quesadilla! No exact measurements are needed, just scramble, cook, and

These five smoothie recipes are filled with nutrition and are perfect for a quick breakfast. The best part? They are 100% portable and can easily be packed inside the lunchbox.

5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Looking for a flavor punch and to switch up your typical smoothie routine? These five recipes are filled with nutrition and are perfect for a quick breakfast. The best part? They are 100% portable in these lidded, 8ounce cups, can easily be packed inside the lunchbox as shown in the video below.

This Fruit & Yogurt Breakfast Pizza is a healthy treat your family will love! It's gluten-free, vegetarian & vegan-friendly, and ready in 20 minutes. Yum!

Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Pizza

This Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Pizza is a healthy treat your family will love! It’s gluten-free, vegetarian & vegan-friendly, and ready in 20 minutes. Yum! Pizza for breakfast? Yes please! Especially when it’s a healthy pizza that’s made in 20 minutes, gluten-free, vegetarian, and can be vegan. It’s a breakfast everyone will love! With school

muesli breakfast cookie recipe - all the goodness of granola baked right in! They are also portable! via

Muesli Breakfast Cookies

Need a portable breakfast “cookie”? These muesli breakfast cookies have all the hearty goodness baked in. It’s morning, again. Time to get the kids up, dressed, teeth brushed, hair done, and wearing matching socks. Somewhere between helping your son find his missing shoe and cleaning up the bowl of dog food that got knocked over,

Piggy Breakfast Tostadas

Need a fun breakfast idea to get your kids fueled up for their day? Your kids are going to LOVE this idea! I’ve had to get creative coming up with new fun breakfast ideas for my daughter that are gluten-free and safe for her nut allergy. I was thrilled when Laura, the Chief Mom, shared

Sweet & Savory Jumbo Breakfast Muffins

These two amazing jumbo muffin recipes will make your breakfast amazing! The sausage breakfast muffin and the lemon poppy seed zucchini muffin are both easy gluten-free winning recipes. Can’t decide which one to make? Check out this fun video to decide. You might be thinking if muffins are a healthy breakfast option, after all, jumbo

Three Healthy Breakfast Cookie Recipes

Three Healthy Breakfast Cookies

Enjoy a cookie or three, with these healthy breakfast cookie recipes! Pumpkin Pie, Carrot Cake, and Peanut Butter Cup cookies are incredibly delicious and good for you!

Fresh Fruit and Pancake Breakfast Bar

Looking to add a little fun to your usual breakfast routine?  You have to give this Fresh Fruit and Pancake Breakfast Bar! Kids love pancakes, and of course parents love them as an easy way to get kids excited about the first meal of the day.  Why not take it up a notch and add

Mornings are easy when you can grab some of these Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos! Easy to make ahead and way taster than the store-bought ones.

Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos

Add some Mexican flare to your Cinco de Mayo morning with some fun breakfast burritos! Easy to make ahead and way taster than the store-bought ones. You can’t pick a favorite kid, but you can definitely pick a favorite meal – and ours is breakfast! My kids all have different food preferences and allergies, so it can be

healthy oatmeal breakfast cookies. Easy to make and can be easily adapted to be gluten free

Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie

Need an easy breakfast idea your kids will love? You’re going to love this oatmeal breakfast cookie recipe. They are simple to make, and you can easily double the batch and freeze them! Now, that’s ultimate convenience right there! Don’t they look amazing? I mean, what’s not to love about oats, peanut butter, honey—yum. I will

Feel like you're in a fancy bakery by enjoying some scones for breakfast! These 6 healthy scones are light and won't weigh you down all day.

6 Healthy Scones for Breakfast

Feel like you’re in a fancy bakery by enjoying some scones for breakfast! These 6 healthy scones are light and won’t weigh you down all day. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something fancier about eating a scone than eating a muffin or thick piece of bread. Maybe because when I think

easy breakfast hot pockets

Easy Breakfast Hot Pockets

Don’t you love the ease of hot pockets? Now you can make your own and have them for breakfast with healthier ingredients. I bet you know very well what a hot pocket is, and you know how convenient and easy a meal they can be! But they are just that: a convenience food. Not a food

Mini Tortilla Breakfast Cups

Mini Tortilla Breakfast Cups

Do you love breakfast for lunch? Check out this idea, and use up those tortillas you have in your fridge!

Breakfast spirals -

Gluten-Free Breakfast Spirals

My daughter, Little Miss, has a severe peanut allergy. Making healthy and fun school lunches has always been a priority; so much so, that I started a personal blog to document my journey. Recently, we began a gluten-free diet, and a month into it, I could already see an amazing difference in her health!     I

Homemade Breakfast Sausage Patties

Remember the mutant pops we posted about a while back? Our friend Jenn from Cleverly Disguised as Cake sent us those, and they were a huge hit! A couple of weeks ago, we had this whole discussion on healthier, quick, and convenient breakfast options, and she blew me away with her homemade breakfast sausage recipe. Since

Easy Breakfast Pizzas for Kids

Tired of nagging your kids to eat breakfast? They won’t turn down these pizzas! We love breakfast in our family, and we are always coming up with new ways to make it more fun. If you have a picky eater in your household, these Breakfast Pizzas may be a fun way to try something new! Start

These 6 gluten free breakfast recipes will please the whole family! Move over, cardboard bread. Make these breakfasts to kickstart your day!

6 Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

I understand how challenging mealtimes can be sometimes cooking for a child with a food allergy. With a gluten-free child and another who’s dairy-free, I try to make meals that the whole family will enjoy so I don’t have to make a special allergy-friendly meal. I think it makes my kids feel more included at mealtime, and